March 10, 2010


Hello to all my fellow adventurers. At times i feel that i have traveled the span of the universe and at others, like my feet are stuck in the mud. I have been away for some time now and i know you are all wondering where did that guy go? What is he doing out there? Well all, i have been remembering, revisiting those learning moments in my life to see if there was something somewhere that could have been done differently. Did i miss a moment, a movement or a word that could have swayed the balance of the scales? Wow, this could be mind boggling, even irritating, hehehe. I know i know your thinking what the #@%^&*_++ is he talking about and it sure does not apply to me or my life. Well all i can tell you this. The day that i stop learning new things from the maps of my past i would be stupid.
I have traversed the landscape of my mind and found it to be completely unpredictable most of the time. I want to find the fullness of my purpose within so that i may bloom into my complete self, the whole eye. Or to see that which is only seen through faith. Knowing that the day is vastly approaching when the excuses will run out and the only paths to take are the ones that lead us to our eternal selves. That which we will become through all that is and ever shell be. The purified man awaits. Will you join me....... Stay tuned for the up coming Blog "Birth Right"
Thank you for being patient with me.

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