September 24, 2009

The Twelve Candles of Life

The Twelve Candles of Life is what all of you have been reading these passages from. It is the prelude booklet to my upcoming book' To go Within; the auto-biography of a light being. The letters within the booklet were gifts given to me through the universal spirit and considered to be gifts of knowledge, understanding and hope. The booklet contains letters that with each reading open the spirit and heart to a deeper understanding of one's self and the worlds within us. The booklet in total with all the letters intact will be up for purchase on my blog this upcoming month. Also my Cd's Sacred Continent a story of Australia will be available for purchase this coming week. Thank you all for the wonderful reception here on the web. Thank you all and may the created creators in all of you awaken to living universe within.

September 23, 2009

Woman Identity {Insight}

You are the physical expression the image and the tangible substance that represents the womb of creation. You are in truth, a dance of light,as we are all. Except your place is high and sacred: in that you are the soil in which the universe plants the soul to bring it forth to the plain of the physical. You are not to be so forgotten.

Woman you are the idea, man is the action.

We are together the expression of the source of creation. We have, in so many ways, both forgotten our place in the scheme of things. It has been long sence we have recognized one another in the light of truth. It is as if we are all at the masquerade ball and have forgotten that we must return home.

We are having such a good time playing, we forgot that we were learning, tasting, experiencing the material worlds,- but only for a time. I say to you, take down you mask, the gown you wear is but barrowed. The truth of what you are, is beauty it self.

The sound of your voice, the fluidity of your movements, the flow of your hair, the grace that shines from your face. These are the truths of your being. This is the makeup that truly adorns you. There is in you a devine purpose, which is not to be forgotten.

You have the ability to bring forth the love of GOD to this plain of life expressed. Just as you give birth, you carry within you the spark of life, love, which will heal this and many other worlds.

The intimacy of our relationship is the balance of the universe itself. We have become disappointed in one another for not accomplishing our true design. We have taken our physical dress to be all there is. This is our sin. The ignorance to truth of our being

It is we that have forsaken the Mother, Father and our higher selves. The part of GOD within us that guides us. Release yourself and for a time in this life as a physical female expression, complete your learning and resume your travels. Do not cling to the past expressions of physical forms. We are all the liquid of life.

Embrace the clarity of creation.

September 20, 2009

Geometry Of Love: "PASSION"

In addition to my writing, I also compose, perform and record music for meditation. My first album, Sacred Continent, along with the album I am currently recording, Geometry of Love, will both be available on CD soon.

Relax and enjoy this selection from Geometry of Love, "Passion".

September 13, 2009

Woman Identity

Woman, where are you? What has become of you? I stand in the sacred place of your origin and you are not here. This hallowed ground is empty, cold, nothing moves. All that lived is dormant to the eyes of my physical being. Your light has dimmed to the point of faint. You must remember who you are for there to be life abundant once again. Sleep has past and all is still, waiting for your to stir.

Amethyst of the universes.

Diamond of life itself.

You are the veil, the conduit, the door through which love can enter and manifest on this plane of expression. You are the veil between the spiritual and the physical. The inner dimensional porthole that allow the form of all God's expression to take place. Your divine purpose has been obscured through time and the sin of ignorance for too long has been able to flourish on this and many other plaines.

This letter is to you Woman. To remind you of your sacred place within the source of all. You have forgotten long enough. You carry in you the key to the gate that can let love pass through and change the world. You are holy in the mist of creation. From the dawn of life itself, you are the gate, the light that birthed the universes passed through you to give birth to the planets, to the stars and to us all.

Man could not have been the action without the reason. The source through which he gathered the ethers of his form and molded himself through the will of God. Mother earth, wife, teacher, feeder, healer, comforter and bearer of the children of God.

Soft and gentle as the water of life that flow and cover us in the blanket of Christ.

Yet, where has your strength gone? All that you are is still. I have come to awaken it from the long sleep that blinded you for a short time.

I too have grown tired and have sometimes forgotten much. Together we must do what we are destined to. Speak the words of creation that I may build the forms that flow from within you. Complete the book that we have begun to write, tell me the words that I may write them on the pages of eternity.

We together are the perfect balance and expression of the created, creators, creating through creation. We can create love in all things. You are the essence of all that is liquid, beautiful and filled with internal strength. I am the solidity that binds and collects the atoms that make its shapes. The eternal pathway to our future you are. Even you, I believe, have forgotten this. Be still. Feel your power. You are the forever mirror, the image and reflection of all.

The Source

September 10, 2009

A Guide To "The Internal Ascension Of Man"

This is a guide to help one understand this letter which was visibly and audibly dictated to me through the language of light by the universal source. The letter is directed to show the illusion of life's hardships and how all that we perceive in the physical is but the mirror image of the spiritual; "Understanding Spiritual Growth 101", you wight say.

All things physical are a reflection of the spiritual. The masculine energy of the Christ is reflected as male. Female, the reflection of the feminine energy of God and so on. All things grow. We, however, are a unique life form because of all the different ways that we grow. Spiritual growth, though not exclusive to our species, it is the way in which we accomplish that growth that are are uniquely our own. This letter is about how we view the task of personal spiritual growth.

We are created creators, creating through creation. We have complete creative freedom in our hands to choose our own path. This letter serves as a literal illustration of the mountains we set up within ourselves.

Jesus once said, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, "move", and it would move." But, regardless of our choice of action, we will have to continue to evolve as spiritual, mental and physical beings. So, whether we choose to go up the mountain, around it, through it or move the mountain entirely, we must continue forward. It is our nature.

We must break camp, me must not all allow ourselves to stagnate and diminish into oblivion. For when all is said and done and the illusion of failure or the discomfort of life is behind us, there is only beauty and all is at peace in the mind of God.

Allow yourself to see the parallel within.

Be still.

Feel the snow pass away beneath your feet. And, be calm in the knowing that your journey is soon over.

The Source

September 7, 2009

The Internal Ascension of Man

Presently, at the base the ground is soft. You can smell the earth, the richness of its pure form. The trees are thick with green and smell of pine fill the air, life abounds around us. The animal noises bring joy to our souls, a sense of comfort makes us feel attached, connected.

The day comes. Presently, the sun slits the sky in range beyond and we must break camp. There is much distance to cover. We move almost liquid like up the base. The mile and one half is all we could cover before the storm settled in around us. Yet it is also beautiful. The snow lands on the rocks and melts away, softening the earth beneath our feet and chilling the night air.

Three days and presently we break camp. Moving up the face, a soft winter blanket begins to shroud the trees and bushes. The quietness of cold settles into the hearts of all life as well as our own. We begin to feel alone, time fades beneath us with each step forward. The thin blanket becomes thicker, denser, much more difficult to traverse with each day that passes. Life, any sign, is scarce as the snow deepens beyond our ability to feel the Earth beneath us. The occasional ram or two may cross our path. We settle in.

Here we stay. How long, I could not perceive. But presently we break camp. A small ewe from a rocky crag watches in the distance with almost a humorous look; as if it recognizes the amount of effort it takes to lift our legs, push ourselves forward, up the face and into the snow. The blizzard is upon us now, turning the soft sheen of white into a slit of gray, as we squint our eyes to keep our lids from freezing. Determination fuels our muscles; focus is our drive. Where a mile becomes a year, a hundred yards become months, and a hundred feet become weeks. We settle in. The bitterness bites at our skin, pricks our joints, but presently we must break camp. Onward now, to the summit. Each step an eternity. The clouds are below us now. We stand but feet away from the top of our effort.

Reaching it, a silence, a rebirth, a knowing that all is beauty and there is love. Warm, sensitive and giving; even in the midst of the cold. We raise our foot one last time, step off the edge and into the mind of GOD.

The Source