March 10, 2010


Hello to all my fellow adventurers. At times i feel that i have traveled the span of the universe and at others, like my feet are stuck in the mud. I have been away for some time now and i know you are all wondering where did that guy go? What is he doing out there? Well all, i have been remembering, revisiting those learning moments in my life to see if there was something somewhere that could have been done differently. Did i miss a moment, a movement or a word that could have swayed the balance of the scales? Wow, this could be mind boggling, even irritating, hehehe. I know i know your thinking what the #@%^&*_++ is he talking about and it sure does not apply to me or my life. Well all i can tell you this. The day that i stop learning new things from the maps of my past i would be stupid.
I have traversed the landscape of my mind and found it to be completely unpredictable most of the time. I want to find the fullness of my purpose within so that i may bloom into my complete self, the whole eye. Or to see that which is only seen through faith. Knowing that the day is vastly approaching when the excuses will run out and the only paths to take are the ones that lead us to our eternal selves. That which we will become through all that is and ever shell be. The purified man awaits. Will you join me....... Stay tuned for the up coming Blog "Birth Right"
Thank you for being patient with me.

October 22, 2009


That elemental duplicated rhythm that wraps itself around the syncopated pounding of the human heart. Sending our mind racing through a myriad of whole, 8ths and 16th notes that find there way into every single muscle fiber pushing us out and onto the dance floor with one thing in mind, To dance our ass off. Starting and fueling the fire that send the skin into a frenzy of goose bumps that spins us around and move us up and down the freak filled paths that lay between the bodies of writhing, convulsing, super heated sexy curves that form themselves from the rubbing of skin and scintillating textures of the human desire to move.

Driving the emotional magma of flowing lava that floods the superficial aspect of lingering hot passion that rips through the clatter filled atmosphere of sound and beat mixing together to form a melody of sweet sensual ideas of the romantic to the strut my stuff rip romp in electric sliding, two stepping, break dancing, shake my body down to the ground, bumpin, running man, roger rabbit, free style, doin your thang fun on the floor.

Music can speak to heart so deep it can bring you to tears or spin your bad feelings into smiling, laughing, drifting on the wind racing through the air currents of base filled guitar burnin melodies of love, respect, anger, revenge just plain boogie til you feel it in your bones. No matter what the venue, music is the universal language that has traversed the planet traveled to the stars and back again. Music can speak Italian, English, African, Elvish or even Klingonease and any other interplanetary language, to show that it is unique without form and or substance yet it is the true ambassador of our planet crossing every line and barrier that has ever existed through out time.

Music has put every baby on this gospel singin, lullaby hummin, soulful, ballad croonin sweet angels sing voice from the farthest reaches of our universe and beyond,to sleep. Music can heal, hurt or even inspire one to believe that even the harshest uncomfortable situation will be ok. So sit back, relax and let the magic carpet of Music take you to the places that lay within your deepest dreams.


October 5, 2009

Escapade: Looking through the spiritual window

In the moment of my awareness, I am soaring through the sky like a great eagle on wing. The moisture in the air feels cool against my senses, my eyes razor sharp and able to pick out even the smallest of movement below. Colors, vibrant colors and alive with the life force that every living thing possesses. Every tree seems to wave at me as I pass over as to whisper to me the song of the winds embrace against their leaves. Green is the grass beneath, swirling and rising like a great ocean of emerald waves calling for me to swim in the calm of the rhythm they create with each roll and curl.

Suspended, drifting on an invisible blanket of love that cradles me to the heights of heaven and through the ether's of internal universe. The smell of the earth is almost intoxicating as the richness of her soil reaches the clarity of my senses and beckons me, Abide…..

I turn my thoughts down and my body response, gliding so close I brush the tree tops as I speed along. Over the water now and I can see my reflection in the silence that is the substance which composes my being. A head or behind is not the question. Only that I am. The grass is thick and soft to my perception and the smell is sweet and moist. The tree’s sway back and forth to the music of the breeze and the dance is breath taking. As I walk through this sea of stimuli, I find my awareness increasing with every step. The bees in the distance gathering their pollen and the songs of birds surround me in a concert of life.

My thoughts drift in and out of the physically phasic memories that are my bio-spiritual record of the liquid we are immersed in. A three hundred sixty degree living life experience of created expression through the essence of my awareness. But where is the designer of this place? Who is the care taker of this garden of beauty? As I look around me, it seems my very thoughts materialize before me. Fruit laden trees and crystal clear waters at my feet. Yet it all feels somehow so familiar and home like, in all its splendor. As my thoughts align, and the singularity of truth culminates inside of me, I remember and my understanding is complete. I am the care taker. “I the creator of such beauty and life”. I am the well spring which the living cell of liquid life was formed.

Reader: ask yourself, were are the hands that paint my dreams, or how is it I can close my eyes and find a world so alive with every sense intact? Taste, touch, visualization, audibility, even the sweet scent of the grass, all there. A multi-dimensional world within you, whatever you decide, realize this. Only you set the boundaries that govern your ability to reach beyond that which is are choice. That the illusion of limitation is up to you and you alone. Close your eyes and see. There are no great hands that form from the nothingness to paint the dreams that flow through your minds eye. No painter, photographer that sets the mood of the scene. You are the creator which births the filaments of fiber that we call thought. Our imagination, oh but wait, our “image-in-motion” abilities we are born with, they are an inherent product of our true lineage.
The living care takers of the universes, the true sons and daughters of the creators. Let the pettiness of self concept pass. Yes, individual expression of life but connected, linked and loved.

From the

September 24, 2009

The Twelve Candles of Life

The Twelve Candles of Life is what all of you have been reading these passages from. It is the prelude booklet to my upcoming book' To go Within; the auto-biography of a light being. The letters within the booklet were gifts given to me through the universal spirit and considered to be gifts of knowledge, understanding and hope. The booklet contains letters that with each reading open the spirit and heart to a deeper understanding of one's self and the worlds within us. The booklet in total with all the letters intact will be up for purchase on my blog this upcoming month. Also my Cd's Sacred Continent a story of Australia will be available for purchase this coming week. Thank you all for the wonderful reception here on the web. Thank you all and may the created creators in all of you awaken to living universe within.

September 23, 2009

Woman Identity {Insight}

You are the physical expression the image and the tangible substance that represents the womb of creation. You are in truth, a dance of light,as we are all. Except your place is high and sacred: in that you are the soil in which the universe plants the soul to bring it forth to the plain of the physical. You are not to be so forgotten.

Woman you are the idea, man is the action.

We are together the expression of the source of creation. We have, in so many ways, both forgotten our place in the scheme of things. It has been long sence we have recognized one another in the light of truth. It is as if we are all at the masquerade ball and have forgotten that we must return home.

We are having such a good time playing, we forgot that we were learning, tasting, experiencing the material worlds,- but only for a time. I say to you, take down you mask, the gown you wear is but barrowed. The truth of what you are, is beauty it self.

The sound of your voice, the fluidity of your movements, the flow of your hair, the grace that shines from your face. These are the truths of your being. This is the makeup that truly adorns you. There is in you a devine purpose, which is not to be forgotten.

You have the ability to bring forth the love of GOD to this plain of life expressed. Just as you give birth, you carry within you the spark of life, love, which will heal this and many other worlds.

The intimacy of our relationship is the balance of the universe itself. We have become disappointed in one another for not accomplishing our true design. We have taken our physical dress to be all there is. This is our sin. The ignorance to truth of our being

It is we that have forsaken the Mother, Father and our higher selves. The part of GOD within us that guides us. Release yourself and for a time in this life as a physical female expression, complete your learning and resume your travels. Do not cling to the past expressions of physical forms. We are all the liquid of life.

Embrace the clarity of creation.

September 20, 2009

Geometry Of Love: "PASSION"

In addition to my writing, I also compose, perform and record music for meditation. My first album, Sacred Continent, along with the album I am currently recording, Geometry of Love, will both be available on CD soon.

Relax and enjoy this selection from Geometry of Love, "Passion".

September 13, 2009

Woman Identity

Woman, where are you? What has become of you? I stand in the sacred place of your origin and you are not here. This hallowed ground is empty, cold, nothing moves. All that lived is dormant to the eyes of my physical being. Your light has dimmed to the point of faint. You must remember who you are for there to be life abundant once again. Sleep has past and all is still, waiting for your to stir.

Amethyst of the universes.

Diamond of life itself.

You are the veil, the conduit, the door through which love can enter and manifest on this plane of expression. You are the veil between the spiritual and the physical. The inner dimensional porthole that allow the form of all God's expression to take place. Your divine purpose has been obscured through time and the sin of ignorance for too long has been able to flourish on this and many other plaines.

This letter is to you Woman. To remind you of your sacred place within the source of all. You have forgotten long enough. You carry in you the key to the gate that can let love pass through and change the world. You are holy in the mist of creation. From the dawn of life itself, you are the gate, the light that birthed the universes passed through you to give birth to the planets, to the stars and to us all.

Man could not have been the action without the reason. The source through which he gathered the ethers of his form and molded himself through the will of God. Mother earth, wife, teacher, feeder, healer, comforter and bearer of the children of God.

Soft and gentle as the water of life that flow and cover us in the blanket of Christ.

Yet, where has your strength gone? All that you are is still. I have come to awaken it from the long sleep that blinded you for a short time.

I too have grown tired and have sometimes forgotten much. Together we must do what we are destined to. Speak the words of creation that I may build the forms that flow from within you. Complete the book that we have begun to write, tell me the words that I may write them on the pages of eternity.

We together are the perfect balance and expression of the created, creators, creating through creation. We can create love in all things. You are the essence of all that is liquid, beautiful and filled with internal strength. I am the solidity that binds and collects the atoms that make its shapes. The eternal pathway to our future you are. Even you, I believe, have forgotten this. Be still. Feel your power. You are the forever mirror, the image and reflection of all.

The Source