October 22, 2009


That elemental duplicated rhythm that wraps itself around the syncopated pounding of the human heart. Sending our mind racing through a myriad of whole, 8ths and 16th notes that find there way into every single muscle fiber pushing us out and onto the dance floor with one thing in mind, To dance our ass off. Starting and fueling the fire that send the skin into a frenzy of goose bumps that spins us around and move us up and down the freak filled paths that lay between the bodies of writhing, convulsing, super heated sexy curves that form themselves from the rubbing of skin and scintillating textures of the human desire to move.

Driving the emotional magma of flowing lava that floods the superficial aspect of lingering hot passion that rips through the clatter filled atmosphere of sound and beat mixing together to form a melody of sweet sensual ideas of the romantic to the strut my stuff rip romp in electric sliding, two stepping, break dancing, shake my body down to the ground, bumpin, running man, roger rabbit, free style, doin your thang fun on the floor.

Music can speak to heart so deep it can bring you to tears or spin your bad feelings into smiling, laughing, drifting on the wind racing through the air currents of base filled guitar burnin melodies of love, respect, anger, revenge just plain boogie til you feel it in your bones. No matter what the venue, music is the universal language that has traversed the planet traveled to the stars and back again. Music can speak Italian, English, African, Elvish or even Klingonease and any other interplanetary language, to show that it is unique without form and or substance yet it is the true ambassador of our planet crossing every line and barrier that has ever existed through out time.

Music has put every baby on this gospel singin, lullaby hummin, soulful, ballad croonin sweet angels sing voice from the farthest reaches of our universe and beyond,to sleep. Music can heal, hurt or even inspire one to believe that even the harshest uncomfortable situation will be ok. So sit back, relax and let the magic carpet of Music take you to the places that lay within your deepest dreams.


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