September 10, 2009

A Guide To "The Internal Ascension Of Man"

This is a guide to help one understand this letter which was visibly and audibly dictated to me through the language of light by the universal source. The letter is directed to show the illusion of life's hardships and how all that we perceive in the physical is but the mirror image of the spiritual; "Understanding Spiritual Growth 101", you wight say.

All things physical are a reflection of the spiritual. The masculine energy of the Christ is reflected as male. Female, the reflection of the feminine energy of God and so on. All things grow. We, however, are a unique life form because of all the different ways that we grow. Spiritual growth, though not exclusive to our species, it is the way in which we accomplish that growth that are are uniquely our own. This letter is about how we view the task of personal spiritual growth.

We are created creators, creating through creation. We have complete creative freedom in our hands to choose our own path. This letter serves as a literal illustration of the mountains we set up within ourselves.

Jesus once said, "If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, "move", and it would move." But, regardless of our choice of action, we will have to continue to evolve as spiritual, mental and physical beings. So, whether we choose to go up the mountain, around it, through it or move the mountain entirely, we must continue forward. It is our nature.

We must break camp, me must not all allow ourselves to stagnate and diminish into oblivion. For when all is said and done and the illusion of failure or the discomfort of life is behind us, there is only beauty and all is at peace in the mind of God.

Allow yourself to see the parallel within.

Be still.

Feel the snow pass away beneath your feet. And, be calm in the knowing that your journey is soon over.

The Source

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